This morning I went to Spinning class and was very happy to see a different instructor. The ‘regular’ instructor does not mix it up very much. The instructor today, Jenny, talked about “top layer of muscle” and “anabolic” level and a few other things I did not understand. But she sounded like she knew what she was talking about – she was pretty much all business until the last 10 minutes. Then she kept saying “I’ll take you home” like we were exhausted (we were!). But when class was over, she did not invite us to her home:(


This morning I went to an “Insanity” class and because the instructor was so good, I stayed for the Spinning class. I can now barely move, but that is not the point of this blog 🙂

The first song in the Spinning class was “Hallelujah” – it made the rounds about a year ago when an Irish priest sang it at a wedding (link below). It is known (I think) as a spiritual song but it was a good way to start a workout, especially during Lent!

One of the things I liked about the new workout place is that I did not know anyone…so I did not worry if my clothes did not match or I forgot my socks.That has changed! A week ago I saw a man who was a trainer at my old workout place AND then Saturday I saw a man that I used to work with at a previous job. For you Deluxers, it was Bob F. It is hard for me to concentrate knowing BIG brother may be watching.

The other day I am in the locker room…minding my own business…but can’t help but notice a woman standing outside a closed bathroom stall door, peeking inside! There was another woman with her (outside the stall) and they apparently knew the woman in the stall because they were all talking!!! It was not in English so I do not know what they were saying…Very unusual.

Then tonight I went to a step class and when it was time to start the instructor said she had to go to the “women’s restroom” first…so we started 5 minutes late. What? She was goofing off before class was to start and she did not know she had to go?

I went to do a bit of running today at the gym. There was this guy lifting weights and every so often there would be a VERY LOUD grunt or burp or scream of pain coming from him. I startled when I heard it and almost tripped a few times. But everyone else around me acted like it was normal behavior. Umm.

Time for a change so for 2015 I joined Xperience Fitness! So far I have:

  • Taken a Spinning class – in the dark – yes they turn off the lights so no one sees anyone! I found my bike, went out of the room to get water and when I came back it was dark except for a few lights in the back. I had to “feel” my way back to my bike.
  • Had a female instructor wear bright yellow tights with a black thong on top. Enough said – this is a family blog!
  • Saw two women today wearing the same red/black tights and black tops, with pink workout shoes. Ummm…
  • Seen a bodybuilder who looked like Popeye, without the pipe! His arms were bulgey, just like Popeye’s! (see below)

Dates Announced for ‘Popeye,’ ‘Hotel Transylvania 2'

I just can’t multi-task like I used to! Tonight in Cardio Kickboxing, the instructor had us doing things like “sumo walking”. Just weird movements. I could not concentrate because I got so caught up in wondering “does a sumo wrestler really walk like this?” Fortunately I did not have to put on the sumo ‘outfit’!